Medical Veda Attends Web Summit 2019

It is quite a warm moment to inform the community that Medical Veda attended the Web Summit 2019 held in Lisbon, Portugal. Please note that it happens to be a tech event where participants from all over the globe share their ideas or the work they have performed in a particular domain with respect to technological innovation.
Medical Veda established its booth on the event and Amir Neghabian, the CEO and Founder, represented the venture so as to raise awareness regarding the use of blockchain technology to nurture healthcare-related use cases. Although our primary focus is to empower the Canadian people, our project was well received by the general public.
If you look at it, the main and most renowned exhibitors of this summit happen to be the likes of KPMG, Microsoft, CISCO, HUAWEI, Google, Mercedes, and Accenture. Therefore, presenting Medical Veda at a forum where every niche-leading company has sent its representation is a significantly big exposure for bagging potential investment and getting our idea across the industry.
The attendees appreciated our concept as it contributes to the overall wellbeing of an individual by promoting efficient healthcare services with the help of decentralization. Since entrepreneurs were also present, they shared our ideology that blockchain technology must be utilized to nurture the growth of ‘practical’ use cases, just like Medical Veda.
A noticeable perk is that there was a massive representation of well over 70,000 attendees from 160+ countries and therefore, it is safe to say that Medical Veda’s idea, which is primarily aimed at Canada, may stimulate the growth of such use cases in other countries as well.

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