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MedicalVeda seeks to address the modern-day challenges faced by the health care industry.

MedicalVeda uses new cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning. MedicalVeda is a futuristic way to manage health information and offer a Personalized Medicine Solution: AI analyzes genetic data to identify individual variations and tailor treatment plans based on a patient’s unique genetic makeup. Predictive analytics help forecast disease risks and personalized healthcare interventions

Key Products

Veda Health Portal

Your Health, Your Data, Your Secure Future

A blockchain-based health portal is an incredibly innovative solution that offers a decentralized, scalable, compatible, and secure platform for individuals, clinics, and pharma companies. This amazing technological advancement has made it possible for individuals to be the sole owners of their health records. The platform is designed in such a way that users can incentivize their records and analyze their health status. 

AI Insight , Health Portal

Transferring Data to into wellness wisdom

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, individuals can now have a comprehensive analysis of their health status in real-time. This platform enables users to take complete control of their health records without having to trust third-party entities. It offers a reliable and secure solution for the healthcare industry, giving individuals complete control of their health records, and allowing them to make informed decisions about their health.

Problems in the Industry

-Restrictive database that are accessible to respective hospital only

-Medical data is fragmented in different systems

-Users can’t access and control their own medical data

  • -Lack of transparency in patient admission
  • -Breaches of agreements
  • -Time consuming initial diagnosis
  • -Centralized database are prone to hacks
  • -No mechanism for checking authenticity of counterfeit products
  • -Patients can’t access second-opinion because of restrictive information exchange

Our Vision

We envision to contribute to the world’s health and medical industry by creating an
ecosystem that would make the patient’s health data record process distributed
through a decentralized blockchain so that anyone can get access to their medical
record without having to go through the bureaucratic hassles.

Our Mission

Medical Veda aims to be the top open-source health ecosystem by enabling decentralized patient data ownership with secure and easy industry access.

Our Motivated Team

Founding Team

Mangirdas Matusevičius
Blockchain & Infrastructure
Nestor Sanchez
Mangirdas Matusevičius

Developers Team

Technology lead
Vladimir Kirikov
Technology lead
Vladimir Kirikov


Networking Advisor
Muhammad Ikram Ashraf
Strategic Marketing Advisor
Julius Reynolds

Our Advisory Board

Mangirdas Matusevičius
Blockchain & Infrastructure
Nestor Sanchez
Mangirdas Matusevičius

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